For Kerry

Frobaus Software exists because of a dare.

I had met Kerry many years before, in Atlanta, when I was in college. She and I were introduced by a mutual friend and found that we had a much in common. I once mentioned to her that I loved reading newspapers - real, printed newspapers, that I could spread out on a table. Once upon a time I used to read 2-3 papers a day. The next time I saw Kerry, she handed me three newspapers and smiled. That's just the type of thing she would do.

Kerry lived in the Bay Area and, whenever I was in California on business, I could always count on at least one night of good food and good company courtesy of her.

She introduced me to tri-tip barbecue. For a Southern boy raised on pork, this strange thing masquerading as "barbecue" couldn't have been further from what I imagined. But I tried it and liked it, and finding good tri-tip in Alabama has since beein a quest of mine.

In 2011, I sat with Kerry at Andy's Barbecue in Santa Clara. We were talking about life and work as we so often did. I was mentioning how bummed out I was because I had all these great ideas, but I could never follow through on them. I must have had dozens of ideas over the years of "the next big thing," but no matter how far I might get in working on them, I'd always lose steam at some point. Or real life would interfere. Or any number of other excuses.

So she challenged me. "One year," she said. "This time next year, come to this table with a completed project."

Six months later, Airplane Setting 1.1 went into the Mac App Store. I had proved that, at least on a small scale, I could move a project from conception to completion. And if I could do it on a small scale, why not a bigger one?

Sadly, though, I would never get to come to the table.

My travels didn't take me to California in 2012. And in early 2013, Kerry passed away suddenly after a short illness.

Every time I work on Airplane Setting, or work on any of my other projects, I think of Kerry, and I think of her challenge. It reminds me every day to keep pushing, keep shipping, and keep moving forward.

Thank you, Kerry. You made things better wherever you went. I hope that I can continue to do the same.

Rob Peck
September, 2013