Airplane Setting 2.2

If you travel by air a lot, you probably know the irritation of going through multiple steps to turn off your radios or dim your screen for those long trans-Atlantic flights. Even if you have wireless and bluetooth in your menu bar, it still takes a minimum of 2 clicks and a number of keyboard presses to get yourself set up.

While this is easy on mobile devices (by switching to Airplane Mode), a single step to do this does not exist on the Mac. This is where Airplane Setting comes in. Airplane Setting adds the missing "Airplane Mode" to your Mac. It sits unobtrusively in your menu bar until needed. With a single click, you can turn off your wireless, bluetooth, dim your screen, and adjust your sound volume and keyboard light - in essence, creating a "low power" mode.

These simple steps can lead to a dramatic increase in your battery life - perfect for that long flight with no onboard power. Which means more time for you to write code, watch movies, write and generally get work done.

Airplane Setting is available free.

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